Yifeng Mao

Email: ym1122@ic.ac.uk

Yifeng joined the Computational Privacy Group as a PhD student in Oct 2022. His research interests include privacy-preserving machine learning, synthetic data generation protecting personal anonymity, and attack methods against census datasets and generic ML models.

Originally from China, Yifeng obtained his bachelor degree from Tsinghua University in Automation. During his undergraduate period, his research focused on machine learning methods detecting objects in microscopical images and enhancing the quality of high-speed sensing image reconstruction.

Then, he finished his master degree in Computer & Info Science at the University of Pennsylvania. From there, he became interested in the intersection field of information security, data privacy and machine learning.

Before joining CPG, he spent one year after graduation working as a full-time research assistant at UPenn Distributed Systems Lab, advised by Prof. Sebastian Angel. He worked on the topic of privacy-preserving inference implemented by multi-party computation and cryptographic methods.