Matthieu Meeus


Matthieu joined the Computational Privacy Group as a PhD student in Oct 2022. His research interests include privacy attacks against computer vision and language models and bias and fairness in machine learning.

Originally from Belgium, Matthieu obtained his BSc from KU Leuven in Mechanical Engineering. Afterwards he pursued a MEng in Energy Technology at the University of California, Berkeley, where he worked on projects related to vertical axis wind turbines and EV charging strategies. While staying in the Bay Area, he acquired a strong interest in data science.

Hence, he pursued an MSc in Computational Science and Engineering at Harvard University, where he studied core data science and computational software development. He assisted in research working on solving PDEs with neural networks and spent a summer as Energy Optimization Intern at Tesla in Palo Alto, working on smart charge/discharge strategies for residential batteries.

Before joining the CPG, he worked as data scientist for McKinsey and Company in NYC, as part of the internal research team People Analytics and Measurement. His work included predictive modeling using mainly internal data from the company, as well as developing NLP solutions.